• Every time I have trained with Matt I have learned something new and improved my performance. He’s a passionate and knowledgeable dude.

    Amechi Akpam

    I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy that specializes in sports rehab / injury prevention for athletes, and I have interacted with Matt for a long time. You would have a tough time finding a fitness professional more dedicated to current research and programming quality. Professionals such as Matt are few and far between. His services are 100% worth any price.

    Tim Pavlak

    Matt Levy is a detail focused and passionate trainer and coach. I have worked with him for 7 months and have found strength and flexibility that I never knew was possible. He finds the perfect balance of pushing my limits without sacrificing form.

    Jason Sullivan

    I trained with Matt for 4 years, 5 days a week. When I started I had terrible posture, couldn’t hold a squat without holding on and my abs had completely separated after having two kids in 2 years. I thought I was working out before, I had no idea and certainly wasn’t getting results. The last straw was when I went and purchased the dreaded “mommy bathing suit”. Instead I returned it to the store and started training daily with Matt. Its not easy, its work but if you stick with it you WILL get the results you want. Im standing straighter, my ab muscles are pulled back together, and most importantly no “mommy swimsuits” here!

    Mindy Tankel

    I worked out with Matt when he was in Hollywood. He’s such a committed, focused, passionate trainer and coach. So committed to proper form, he left me with some fundamentals I can keep with me for life. My strength improved a great deal under his training — always a fun time at the gym, too! I thought about deducting one star because of Matt’s misguided love for the Seattle Seahawks, but you know what? His abilities as a trainer make up for it.

    Steve Hely

    What I loved most about training with Matt is that I felt safe. As a television producer, my schedule is nuts so I would work out at crazy times with whoever was available and would inevitably be injured. In the two years that I worked with Matt, my body transformed and I was never injured. Overall, I lost about 10 pounds and 14 inches. I trusted him completely because he was experienced, highly trained, constantly doing research, and would alter the program to fit my individual needs. When he said “you can do this” I knew it to be true and as a result became stronger, more flexible and my stamina grew by leaps and bounds. I thrive on feedback and Matt recognized this and would give me a lot of positive encouragement and gentle corrections. (I noticed with other clients that he altered his feedback on what worked best for them.)

    Laverne McKinnon