Training Schedule

Fitness Cubed Training Schedule & Information

Join us for Small Group Training Classes, every day of the week!

Group classes consist of a 12 week periodized program made up of three 4-week blocs (with the 13th week off).

Bloc 1:  Gymnastic Strength Bloc
Bloc 2: Barbell Strength Bloc
Bloc 3: High Intensity Conditioning Bloc

Next 12 Week Program Information

October 1: FREE week for beginners and/or new members (no obligation to join)
October 8: Week 1 of our 12 week fitness program 

*Back To School Special*
20% OFF 12 Week Fitness Program (for unlimited classes)
$100 OFF12 Week Fitness Program (for 2x or 3x per week)
20% OFF Personal Training
*Must purchase by October 8*

Small Group Training Classes

Saturdays from 9-11 am are make-up workouts for those who missed a workout or want an extra day of training.

Classes are limited to 6 people.

I will prorate the cost if someone joins during in the middle of a 12 week cycle.

I also offer your first week as a trial with no commitment and no requirement to pay anything unless you sign up. 

Personal training by way of appointment